One Step - Natural by Kordial Nutrients (32.6 oz. Powder)

Health & Personal Care
One Step is a total body cleanse beverage mix, based on the latest nutritional research, begins with hypo-allergenic, enzymatically predigtested soy protein concentrate, then packs in powerful antioxidant and anti-aging nutrients, plus an array of nutrients found to be useful in weight loss programs, for immune support and intestinal health.Also available in Chocolate-Flavor, Strawberry-Flavor and Vanilla-Flavor. (Related products will appear on the right side of this page.) SPECIAL PRODUCT NOTE: In cases of low inventory on this product, we reserve the right to upgrade your order to the similarly formulated, physicians-grade version of this product (One Step - Natural) produced by Progressive Laboratories, Inc. (see special notes below). Even though this upgrade may be more costly for us, you will NOT incur an extra charge.*

A Total Body Cleanse Beverage Mix Packed with Antioxidants*
Organic Quality One Step - Natural

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